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We offer welding of black steel, alloy steels, stainless steels, high strength steels and aluminum. Thanks to robotized solutions, we guarantee repeatable quality and durability of welds. 



Welding is one of the most popular processes for permanently joining metals in industry. From versatile MIG and MAG welding to precision TIG welding and laser welding, the technology contains a huge potential in terms of methods and processing. This gives virtually unlimited possibilities for joining different materials, from black, alloy and stainless steel to high-strength steels or non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminium.

Welding quality, speed and repeatability are of utmost importance in the production process. This is why at B2B Metal Bay 90% of our welding solutions are robotic processes. This allows us to offer you:

  • higher and repeatable weld quality due to strict programming and control of the welding process
  • shorter delivery times due to faster and more efficient robot operation
  • attractive prices thanks to lower material consumption and better production efficiency
  • availability of the service regardless of the market situation and availability of qualified staff


The most common and flexible welding method, allowing high speeds, efficient and easy to robotize. Recommended for welding of black steel, alloy steels, structural steels, allows welding of stainless steels under specific conditions and assumptions.

A more accurate than MIG/MAG welding, TIG/TOPTIG enables welding without consumables to minimise the risk of weld contamination. However, it is much slower and less efficient. Used for welding of stainless steels, hard-to-weld steels and aluminium.

This is the most accurate and fastest welding method. Unfortunately, due to the required equipment and the need for very strict preparation of the edges of welded materials, it is currently the most expensive welding method. It allows high-quality welding of all materials, including mixed materials.

A variation of the MAG method, in which the heat input to the weld is lower compared to the traditional welding method and the welding wire is fed in a tightly controlled manner. This makes it possible to weld difficult materials traditionally welded with the TIG method with an efficiency comparable to MIG/MAG welding, without spatters and impurities.

B2B Metal Bay has extensive experience in welding assignments and works with partners who specialize in specific welding industries. Our consultants will be happy to select the right solutions for your production. We also offer comprehensive design services and quality and strength tests, including the possibility of macrographic examination to verify the remelting and structure of welds. We also provide transportation of finished products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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