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We offer powder coating of metal elements, especially longitudinal elements, walls, parts, pipes, profiles and other small and medium-size details. Thanks to automation of the painting process we can accept large batch orders. We guarantee competitive prices and quick realization.



Powder coating is one of the most popular and valued methods of industrial painting, because of the possibility of simultaneous decoration / marking the surface and its protection against corrosion. Powder coating is very durable, long-lasting, resistant to abrasion and chipping. It is also worth noting the low environmental impact of powder coatings, both during the painting process and during the subsequent use of painted products. Powder coating is also a very economical process, because the paint layer applied in this method is thin, even and perfectly adhering to the surface, which makes powder coatings an extremely efficient medium.

At B2B we have both an automated powder coating line and highly skilled staff to paint prototypes, casts or large parts. If the part requires it, we also provide pre-blasting to prepare the surface well for painting.


Before painting, it is important to prepare the surface properly, i.e. to clean it of any dirt, rust or old paint layer and to ensure such a texture which will guarantee proper adhesion of the paint. For this reason, B2B Metal Bay also offers sandblasting in preparation for painting.

Powder coating takes place with the electrostatic spraying method, during which a thin layer of paint adheres tightly to the painted surface, ensuring the durability of the coating, so appreciated in powder coating. In B2B Metal Bay we have both an automated powder coating line and the possibility of painting undersized elements manually.

The last stage of powder coating is the surface hardening process, during which the polymerization of the powder paint takes place. This stage takes place in special furnaces at temperatures of 160°C – 230°C.

In order to provide you with a finished product, we offer comprehensive execution services, including preparation of details for painting (blasting) or assembly of ready elements. We also provide transportation of ordered products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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