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We offer metal cutting and perforating of metal sheets, pipes, profiles and cubes, CNC machining, bending and rolling, stamping of metal sheets and aluminum, metal, iron and copper die castings and forgings, heat and surface treatment, painting and finishing and assembly of parts.

Complete offering covering all standard metalworking processes

A complete range covering all standard metalworking processes


We offer you a wide range of production possibilities in the field of metal processing. 

We have experience in machining of black steel, structural steel, stainless steel (various types), cast iron and non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. Thanks to our diversified production capabilities and the trust of our customers, our factories operate on a continuous basis, which in turn allows for their modernization, and for our customers it assures competitive prices and attractive delivery times. We offer comprehensive execution services, as well as design, consulting and quality and endurance tests. Please browse our offer for more details:

Laser cutting machines
Plasma cutting machines
Water jet cutting machines
Pipe and profile cutting machines

Cutting is one of the basic processes of metal processing. It is particularly important in the production process, as the quality of the final product often depends on its accuracy.

Bending presses
Bending machines

We offer bending of sheet metal, profiles, pipes and bars made of steel, cast iron and aluminium. We offer hydraulic and eccentric press brakes, bending machines and rolling mills.

Eccentric presses
Hydraulic presses

We offer stamping of small and medium sized details made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We specialize in automotive, construction and finishing industries.

We offer precision machining on the latest generation machines; including turning, milling, threading and drilling. We guarantee short delivery times.

MIG/MAG welding
TIG /TOPTIG welding
Laser welding
CMT welding

We offer MIG/MAG, TIG and laser welding. We weld parts made of black steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high strength steel and aluminum.

Powder coating
Structure painting

We offer powder coating of metal elements, especially longitudinal elements, walls, parts, pipes, profiles and other small and medium-size details.

Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
Cast iron and aluminum
Pressure castings

We offer high quality ferrous and non-ferrous castings for the following industries: engineering, automotive, energy, construction, medical and others


We offer a range of heat treatment services for metal products, from oil quenching and tempering to annealing and surface normalizing, tempering, annealing, carburizing.


We offer a wide range of die forgings. We make structural components, tools, connectors for construction scaffolding, automotive parts, machine parts and railroad systems.

Manual and automated sandblasting
Abrasive blasting
Ferrous alloys and aluminium

We offer sandblasting and shot blasting of metal parts; rust and dirt removal and preparation for painting.

Zinc plating

We offer galvanization, zinc coating and oxidation of metal products. We guarantee protection against corrosion for a period from several to several dozen years.

Assembly of units and machines
Assembly of robot stations
Assembly of structures

We offer assembly services of metal parts, both as part of orders for complex products and as part of separate orders.