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We offer a wide range of die forgings. We manufacture structural components, tools, joints for construction scaffolding, automotive parts, machine parts and railroad systems.



Forging – a technological process, a kind of plastic processing, consisting in hot or cold deformation of metals by impact or pressure of tools. Tools – i.e. dies or hammers – are placed on moving parts. To obtain repeatable quality of the forgings, modern forging plants use special forging hammers combined with strict control of the heat treatment process to maintain the continuity of the metal fibers.

We offer die forgings from carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels and structural steels.

Competitiveness of our offer is based on skillful combination of tradition with modern technologies. Our experience, based on years of tradition, allows us to accurately select materials and treatment processes to meet the requirements of a given industry. This is particularly important in the construction, machine and tool industries, where the strength and safety of the elements are of great importance. In turn, thanks to our investment in new technologies, we can guarantee repeatable quality of our forgings, reduce material waste and offer our customers both fast delivery times and competitive prices. 



We offer forgings of weight up to 10 kg and dimensions up to 250 mm in width (diameter) and 500 mm in length or larger non-standard ones, with possibility of individual realization. We ensure high precision of imaging, even with complex shapes.

Thanks to modern equipment and strict control of the heat treatment process, our forgings have excellent physical and mechanical properties, they are resistant to plastic deformation and cracking.

Our forgings are used to manufacture construction elements, tools, connectors for construction scaffolding, automotive parts, machine parts and railroad systems.

Thanks to the modernization of our plants, we can realize even large batches of orders within relatively tight deadlines. Modern equipment and production process have also allowed us to minimize excess material needed to obtain the desired shapes, which reduces production costs and guarantees competitive prices.

To streamline the process of ordered parts, we also offer a number of hardening and machining processes for raw forgings. Thee include hardening (low or high tempering, annealing, carburizing), machining on modern CNC machining centers and surface coating (galvanization, painting). We realize orders in a complex and flexible way, we can make a complete project from A to Z based on customer’s drawing or offer a prototype of an element or structural parts for newly emerging projects. We also provide transportation of finished products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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