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We offer cutting, slitting and sawing of metals. We process metal sheets, cubes and lumps, we cut profiles, pipes and wires. We have modern machinery with high capacity and precision of cutting.



Cutting is one of the basic processes in metalworking. It is of particular importance in the production process as the quality of the final product often depends on its accuracy. Imprecise cut edges make it difficult or even impossible to join the walls (e.g. by welding, welding or crimping). Conversely, poorly selected processing parameters, such as in the case of laser or plasma cutting, can result in weakening or destruction of the material within the heat affected zone. For this reason, at B2B Metal Bay we invest in modern machinery and take advantage of the many years of experience of companies specializing in the treatment of the materials concerned. 

Cutting also requires intelligent process and material management in order to process material of different shapes and sizes with maximum efficiency and minimum rejects. In the case of wire, pipe and profile cutting machines, automated feeder solutions support this process. For laser cutting, our technologists select the method (evaporation, burning, melting, blowing) according to the thickness of the sheets and the type of material to be cut. Thanks to the high precision of laser cutting, it is possible to manage the metal sheets in such a way to minimize the surplus and optimize the price of the service.


Laser cutting is characterized by high precision and allows to obtain any, even very complicated shapes. What is important, the edges of laser cut parts are smooth and do not require additional processing before welding or assembly. Laser can cut both thin and medium metal sheets, or cut long elements (pipes, profiles).

Plasma or gas cutting is slightly less accurate than laser cutting, but it is much cheaper. Also, for sheets with a thickness of more than 2-3mm, it is worth considering plasma cutting. Plasma has a larger heat affected zone, which should be taken into account before choosing this technology. Our materials experts will be happy to help you make a wise choice.

The main advantage of cutting with water (WaterJet) is the fact that the material does not heat up during cutting, i.e. there are no changes in the structure of the material caused by heat treatment. Depending on the thickness of metal sheets / elements, cutting with pure water under pressure or water with an abrasive additive is used. Water Jet cuts both thin and thick materials very well, but it does not deal with complicated geometries – water cutting can be used to cut rather simple shapes.

When cutting very long pipes, bars and profiles, especially in high volume production, the most economical option is to use high performance automated circular saws. Like water cutting, it is cold cutting that does not damage the structure of the material; however, it is only suitable for simple tasks.

Extensively developed machine park with several metal cutting stands gives us great flexibility in carrying out orders, and provides our customers with the choice of the best technology. We offer comprehensive execution services, as well as design and consulting services and quality and endurance tests. We also provide transport of finished products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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