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We offer galvanization, zinc plating and oxidation of metal products. Depending on the type of processed material and technology used, we guarantee protection against corrosion for a period from several to several dozen years.



Metal coating in industrial production is primarily intended to strengthen the surface of metal parts and protect them against corrosion in situations where painting alone is insufficient or undesirable. Depending on the metal type of the parts to be coated and the design objectives (including the type of enviroment in which they will be operated), there is a choice of hot or cold coating. 

At B2B Metal Bay, we offer three types of metal coating; chrome plating, hot dip galvanizing and oxidizing. We treat mesh, rods, sheet metal, anchors/structural and building components, and trailers/agricultural vehicle parts. 

(a list and a photo) COATING – PROCESSES

Electroplating, otherwise known as electrolyte bath, is a process which uses the properties of metals and electrochemical processes to form a thin cathodic or anodic coating which protects against corrosion. The most commonly used is chromium, which is distinguished by its high resistance to rust 

Galvanizing of steel consists of a multi-stage immersion in a hot zinc bath at a temperature of about 450°C. This produces a protective coating of iron-zinc alloy on the surface of the workpieces. This layer protects against corrosion without requiring cleaning or periodic maintenance.

Oxidation (blackening) of steel and iron consists in controlled oxidation of the surface layer of the workpiece by heating it and then immersing in oxidizing liquid. Modern equipment guarantees the proper proportion of the solution and its optimum temperature. Oxidation results in the formation of a dark/black coating which does not react with the environment.

At B2B Metal Bay, we strive to take an individual approach to every order. We offer comprehensive execution services, as well as design, consulting and quality and durability tests. We also provide transportation of finished products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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