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CNC machining is a term covering a number of machining processes, such as milling or drilling, performed on high precision computer-controlled machining centers. Depending on the type of machine tool, it is possible to process both flat surfaces and solids of different dimensions. Thanks to a significant degree of automation, it is possible to control machining processes closely, as well as to increase product quality and productivity, which provides the customer with the better prices. What is more, the ability to maintain production using a relatively low-skilled workforce makes automated CNC production independent of the availability of highly skilled professionals, allowing orders to be completed within attractive delivery times.

At B2B Metal Bay we have large production resources spread over several plants with a total area of production halls and laboratories exceeding 20 000m2. We employ experienced material scientists and production technologists, who carefully analyze each order and appropriately select parameters for processing metal parts. Thanks to this, our products are characterized not only by precision, but also durability. All our products are CE ISO 9001: 2015 certified, we also have the authorization and experience in manufacturing for the mining, construction and automotive industries.


Machining with a multi-blade cutting tool that performs rotary motion during machining, which results in the gradual cutting of the desired shape from the work piece. Precise programming of the milling machine work guarantees good quality results.

The process of shaping the thread into which we can screw a screw. Threads are divided into internal and external, depending on the type of the part or component. Internal threading consists of drilling holes for screws, while external threading consists of threading rods with special dies applied on the workpiece.

CNC turning consists of putting the workpiece into rotary motion and then guiding sharp turning knives to remove the desired layers of the workpiece surface according to a programmed pattern.

CNC drilling is divided into shallow and deep drilling, depending on the purpose of the holes being drilled. CNC drilling is an extremely precise process, which is of great importance when parts need to be tightly fit. In addition, CNC drilling allows for quick removal of chips generated during the drilling process and efficient supply of coolant.

Automation of machining processes gives us great flexibility in the execution of orders. We offer comprehensive execution services, as well as design, consulting and quality and strength tests. We also provide transportation of finished products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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