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We offer high quality ferrous and non-ferrous castings for the following industries: engineering, automotive, energy, construction, medical and others, as well as brass and iron castings for individual orders.



Casting is one of the basic metalworking processes with wide application in the production of parts, semi-finished products and structural and finishing elements for industry, supplies and everyday life. It consists in pouring a molten mass into a permanent (coccyx) or non-permanent (e.g. sand or wax) mould with molten mass in order to obtain the desired shape after the material has been solidified. Depending on the method used and the control of the solidification process, various shape precision and physical and mechanical properties of the casting can be achieved.

In our offer we focus mainly on obtaining high, repeatable quality of manufactured details and precision in rendering their geometry. We offer flexible forms of cooperation; we can make castings of large series of steel, cast iron, copper or aluminium parts or design and make prototypes of new series. We produce parts from 0.1 kg to unlimited dimensions. For special orders we also make brass castings (please contact us).

In the sand casting process, non-permanent moulds made of sand mass are used. The advantages of this method are: low production costs of the produced elements and versatility – it allows to create products of different shape, size and weight.

Die casting is characterized by high precision of the casting and the possibility of the realization of orders in larger series. This process involves pouring molten metal into permanent moulds with the use of special casting machines (die-casting machines, casting furnaces). Die castings are characterized by high quality and repeatability of the form.

Pressure casting is performed on special casting machines under pressure caused by the movement of pressing pistons. Our castings are characterized by high strength, good mechanical, physical and chemical properties. It is worth emphasizing the low percentage of oxide and non-metallic precipitates.

In order to provide you with the finished product, we also provide finishing treatment of raw castings, including machining, heat treatment, galvanization, painting, marking and quality control. We offer comprehensive fabrication services, as well as design, consulting and quality and strength testing. We also provide transportation of finished products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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We encourage you to contact our consultants. In order to obtain a preliminary quotation and / or an approximate order completion date, please send as complete an inquiry as possible, specifying the volume of production and drawings of the workpiece (in the absence of technical documentation or prototypes – simple sketches). This information will help us quickly and specifically handle your inquiry and prepare a quotation / offer.

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