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We offer bending of sheet metal, profiles, pipes and bars made of steel, cast iron and aluminum. At your disposal we have hydraulic and eccentric press brakes, bending machines and rolling mills. We guarantee strict, repeatable precision of execution.



Metal bending is a process of plastic forming, which consists in bending elements either by a given acute angle or by an arc. This process can be done cold or hot. Most production lines use cold bending, performed on press brakes or special bending machines. This does not mean, however, that because the dangers of heat treating are bypassed, it is a process that requires no attention or supervision; on the contrary, the precision of the bend often allows or disqualifies the part for further processing. At B2B Metal Bay, we work with numerically controlled press brakes, partially or fully automated. This allows us to guarantee strict precision and repeatability of bending.

Our offer includes: 

  • bending of sheets of various thicknesses on press brakes, eccentric and hydraulic operated and numerically controlled and/or partially robotized to ensure strictly repeatable precision of the bending angle,
  • bending of bars, pipes and profiles on roller benders
  • bending on rolls
  • twisting and profiling


The most important advantages in metal bending on press brakes are: repeatable process precision, tight control of the pressure level and relative ease of use, both in the case of feeding details by the operator as well as in the case of full robotization. Our machine park allows us to bend metal sheets of various thicknesses, both by simple and step methods.

Sheet rolling is a type of plastic processing that results in the formation of curved elements – for example, a rolled pipe, sleeve, or any of its parts running along a given curvature. In B2B Metal Bay we roll both thin and thick sheets, but not exceeding 60 mm. We guarantee the precision of the mapping of the assumed angle.

Our production halls are also equipped with roll bending machines, which allow for precise bending of pipes and profiles, including cast iron pipes and stainless-steel elements. To determine the possibility of bending, please contact us.

Looking from the side of profitable industrial production, the most important parameters in metal bending are angle accuracy, repeatable process precision, its efficiency and proper selection of parameters so that the finished parts retain the desired strength. We always do our best to meet your requirements. We offer comprehensive execution services, as well as design, consulting and quality and strength tests. We also provide transportation of finished products to the customer’s premises. We invite you to cooperation!

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We encourage you to contact our consultants. In order to obtain a preliminary quotation and / or an approximate order completion date, please send as complete an inquiry as possible, specifying the volume of production and drawings of the workpiece (in the absence of technical documentation or prototypes – simple sketches). This information will help us quickly and specifically handle your inquiry and prepare a quotation / offer.

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