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We offer assembly services of metal parts, both as part of orders for complex products and as part of separate orders. We assemble machines, their parts and subassemblies, furniture, tools. We also offer designing and assembly of instruments and tools for production machines, as well as disassembly and relocation of machines/workstations.


Assembly can be a problematic part of industrial production, especially when it concerns more complicated products/subassemblies, and the size and characteristics of production requires periodical deliveries of given products and is not enough to maintain own department or even assembly team. In such a case relying on the temporary availability of suitably qualified employees can strongly disturb the production assumptions, not to mention the costs related to e.g. the necessity to transport parts from the producer to the contractor and only then to the company’s own plant.

To meet the demand of our customers for assembly services, we offer construction and assembly of machines, their parts and subassemblies, including industrial and agricultural machines and tools, feeder solutions, etc. We also perform screwing together of metal furniture, structural elements, housing parts and simple household appliances (e.g. hoods, sinks, etc.)

We have highly specialized staff, and in case of cyclical and large series orders, there is also the possibility of automation of assembly works on robotized lines, which significantly reduces costs and allows for completion of such orders within strict deadlines. We also offer designing, assembly and regeneration of devices and tools for machines, e.g. welding devices, traditional and progressive stamping dies, control and measuring transfer devices and special tooling.


We offer assembly of machines or their subassemblies, with full support of design department and quality control department. We have qualified personnel at our disposal. Assembly of large machines is possible in our plant or at the customer’s. We also offer disassembly and relocation of machines already in operation.

Oferujemy skręcanie mebli metalowych (krzeseł, regałów) lub ich części, oraz montaż prostych sprzętów AGD typu okapy.

We offer assembly and production of tools on the basis of our own metal forgings, including screwdrivers, pliers, hatchets, axes, hammers, chisels – about 800 different items in total. We have our own source of supplementary non-metal parts (handles, sockets), so we deliver tools to the customer ready to work or retail sale.

We offer design and assembly of instrumentation for machines and automated stands for industrial production, among others, welding jigs, stamping dies for presses (traditional, progressive, transfer) and control and measuring instruments.

A service complementary to our assembly offer is disassembly and relocation of machines and automated stands. In situations when relocation is required by e.g. hall extension and necessity of production re-planning, we can also include consulting services in our assembly services.

Our employees have many years of experience in practical work with machines in production. We invite you to cooperation!

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We encourage you to contact our consultants. In order to obtain a preliminary quotation and / or an approximate order completion date, please send as complete an inquiry as possible, specifying the volume of production and drawings of the workpiece (in the absence of technical documentation or prototypes – simple sketches). This information will help us quickly and specifically handle your inquiry and prepare a quotation / offer.

We invite you to cooperation!

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